Vacuum Pump OEM Customized Sand 3D Printer & Spare Parts Auto Engine Block Cylinder Head Case by Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing Sand Casting & CNC Machining

The merchandise good quality is secure and reaches domestic or degree. Some products, vacuum pump and centrifugal pump are acknowledged as CZPT brand merchandise of ZheJiang province. They are widely utilised in electric electricity, oil, chemical, paper, coal, gentle sector, water supply, metropolis construction, hearth handle, air conditioning and other industries.

  • Merchandise introduction

First,Merchandise introduction
GD pipeline pump is a item acquainted to customers. GDR sort pipeline pump is another new energy-efficient solution designed by HangZhou pump plant.

Second,Structural qualities
one,Straightforward to install: pump and motor coaxially, no need to have to modify the axis, can be straight set up on the pipeline, do not want to specifically design and style the barge line.
two,Compact framework: pump is directly related centrifugal pump. In comparison with normal solitary stage centrifugal pump, it can conserve more than fifty% of floor area and lessen weight by much more than 30%.
three,The economic climate is excellent: in contrast with the common single stage centrifugal pump with the same overall performance, it can save a lot more than 30% of the acquire and set up value.
4,The pump is vertical vertical centrifugal pump with higher temperature resistant motor (motor prolonged shaft extension) coaxial with F quality insulation. The front bearing of the motor is a Japanese CZPT model bearing, and the pump can be set up in horizontal or vertical.
5,The suction port and spit outlet of the pump are designed on the same horizontal axis, and can be straight put in in any position of the pipeline, just like valves.
six,Shaft seal for high temperature mechanical seal, no leakage
7,The axial force is mostly attained by hydraulic harmony, and the remaining component of axial pressure is borne by the motor bearing.
8,The generally employed material of pump body, impeller and straight connecting frame is HT200, and the shell content of higher-energy pump is HT250. Customers can decide on materials such as copper alloy and stainless metal imported mechanical seals in accordance to real needs.

Third,CZPT parameter
GD pipe pump:                                                     GDR hot drinking water pipe pump:
YangCheng:8-50m                                                    YangCheng:8~150m                                              
Flow:2.4-410m³/h                                           Stream:two.four~960m3/h
Medium temperature <80ºC                                             Medium temperature: <130ºC
Pump human body pressure <1.0MPa
Pace:1450(1480)or 2900r/min

Forth,Application area
GD pipe pump is utilized to pump standard water or physical and chemical properties comparable to water. It is broadly used in air conditioning method, h2o circulation technique, building drinking water supply and drainage system and various water conveyance locations. GDR hot water pipeline pump is broadly utilized in toilet, heating, very hot and chilly water circulation and boiler water offer and drainage.

Product introduction

Initial,Item introduction
It is the single phase solitary suction centrifugal pump introduced by our manufacturing unit. The hydraulic design is created. Its hydraulic functionality ensures that the user can successfully decrease the procedure cost of the pump in a variety of purposes.

Next,Item attributes
one,Satisfy the high CZPT specifications: conform to the intercontinental CZPT BS EN733 and ISO9908 CZPT, so it has interchangeability with other products that fulfill the requirements of this CZPT.
2,Large efficient kind of volute
3,The rear open up type style can change the rotor components without having removing the pipeline.
4,Ensure higher trustworthiness in large pace and weighty load operation.
five,CZPT balance style and impeller dynamic and static harmony are combined to additional boost the smoothness of pump operation.
six,Excellent inhalation
7,Supply a range of working conditions of the adjustment area
eight,Substantial degree of generalization
9,Bearing lubrication can be made by grease lubrication and oil lubrication in two techniques.

3rd,CZPT parameter
Pump caliber:inhalation 50~300mm,discharge 32~250mm
Medium temperature:-10ºC~+104ºC

Forth,Software spot
Water is utilized to transport water and bodily and chemical qualities comparable to drinking water, mostly employed in h2o plant or water source business circulation and cooling system in industrial method technique, boiler drinking water source, industrial drinking water source and drainage, irrigation and drainage, air conditioning program, urban h2o provide and drainage program, hearth handle technique, and many others.

Item introduction

Initial,Product introduction
The 2BE1 series is a solitary stage solitary performing drinking water ring vacuum pump with extensive suction assortment. By means of the two development, the 2BE1 collection has created from the initial 12 requirements to the 22 specs now, and the kinds and specifications are much more comprehensive.

Second,Solution characteristics
one,Single stage single action, axial ingestion and exhaust, easy construction, easy routine maintenance.
two,The exhaust port outfitted with versatile valve plate can immediately modify the exhaust angle, enabling the pump to run effectively beneath distinct inhalation conditions.
three,Geared up with computerized drain valve to control the commencing stage of pump and avoid overload starting.
4,The impeller end face is designed by classification, which minimizes the sensitivity of the pump to the dust and water scaling in the medium. Massive dimensions impeller enhanced the construction of impeller reinforcing ring, prevented the journal from being caught, and enhanced the influence of structure on pump. The extracted fuel is authorized to have non granular dust.
five,The packing gland is divided into half framework, which can be removed as a total, and the seasoning is more hassle-free to exchange.
six,By modifying the assembling angle of the sealing member, the function of the inner circulation or exterior source of the cooling h2o can be recognized to meet the demands of distinct shaft seals. By connecting the leakage hole of the stuffing box, the dripping coolant can be introduced to the specified location to fulfill the demands of environmental security. Little measurement pumps have two sorts of shaft seals, packing and mechanical seals.
7,The rotor with diameter larger than 200 is outfitted with a sheathed shaft in the shaft seal situation.
8,The axial and radial masses of the pump are separately borne by two distinct bearings. After bettering the bearing structure, the pump can make certain prolonged-phrase and reliable procedure of the pump.
nine,When the warmth exchanger is set up, the operating fluid can be recycled and the h2o consumption can be diminished. Through the self suction capability of the vacuum pump, the cooling doing work fluid is sucked into the pump without having additional pressurization gadget.
10,2BE1 101~253 drinking water ring vacuum pump. Pump entire body and facet cover are related by pull rod. 2BE1 303~705 water ring vacuum pump, flange relationship amongst pump body and aspect protect guarantees the all round rigidity and vibration resistance of large dimensions h2o ring vacuum pump. When the upkeep room is modest, horizontal set up can be used.
11,Using ordinary resources can fulfill the general demands.
twelve,When the overflow elements are manufactured with different grades of stainless metal, they can satisfy diverse anticorrosion requirements.
thirteen,When the over-present parts spray particular materials, the anticorrosion expense of huge size drinking water ring vacuum pumps can be decreased. Its smooth floor can also successfully reduce the precipitation of ash like substances and slow down the scaling process.
fourteen,When the inner cavity of the pump human body is lined with vulcanized rubber, the corrosion resistance of the pump entire body can be enhanced.
15,2BE1***-, the suction assortment is extensive. When the pump is low, the suction strain can achieve 33mbar (Ab muscles), and the very first degree ejector is adopted, the suction strain can be reduce than 33mbar (Abs).
sixteen,2BE1***-1, lower suction force can get to 140mbar (Abs), and the advisable assortment of efficient suction is 160~1013mbar (Stomach muscles).
seventeen,When the water ring vacuum pump is installed on the anti cavitation gadget, it can properly increase the procedure of the pump in a higher vacuum.

Third,CZPT parameter
Vacuum degree:33-1013hPa

Fourth,Application area
It is widely utilised in the condensers of the electric powered electrical power industry, vacuum vacuum stress removing, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, h2o deoxidization in oil production, numerous vacuum products in the pharmaceutical business, high altitude simulation in aeronautical research, vacuum h2o diversion in suction and drainage engineering, vacuum program in paper business and different vacuum acquisition Procedure vacuum development of plastic and rubber vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, fuel emissions from coal mines vacuum techniques in the tobacco sector stress swing adsorption units, foodstuff packaging or vacuum drying.

PCM (Patternless Casting CZPT) is a new technological innovation applying quick prototyping engineering to classic resin sand casting approach. Initial, the sand mould model is obtained from the CAD product of the part, and the STL file of the sand mold model is layered to receive the cross-segment photographs and then the manage data is produced by the layer specifics. Throughout printing, following the raw sand effectively combined with the activator, the print head will jet binder to the sand specifically according to the cross-section photographs. The binder then reacts with the activator and cementation will occur immediately to make the sand stacked. The curing must be accomplished layer by layer. Right after curing all levels, the sand mold is properly fashioned. Where there is no binder jetted, the sand stays unfastened and it is straightforward to clear up. By removing the uncured sand, a sand mildew is all set for post-processing just before casting.

Sand 3D printer
The 4th Generation Sand 3D Printer by FHZL is with the greatest printing pace in the business so far. It can accommodate diverse printing sand varieties and distinct binder types for printing, these kinds of as silica sand, great foundry sand, ceramic sand, furan resin, inorganic binder etc. Aside from, it can satisfy customers' requires on different casting components and various casting procedure by simply deciding on the appropriate parameters.

The maximum develop size of PCM2200 is 2200X1000X800mm, which can offer rapid prototyping for huge dimensions intricate casting parts for various industries this sort of as army, aerospace and vessel etc. It can save the difficulties of a bodily pattern to generate a mold and also stay away from the high price of producing a mold for casting. The printed sand molds can accommodate a selection of casting supplies these kinds of as aluminum, iron and metal and many others.
Greatest Construct Dimensions: 2200X1000X800mm
Modelling Performance: 165L/h
CZPT Pace: 24 Sec./Layer
Layer Thickness: .2-.5mm

The greatest develop size of PCM1800 is 1800X1000X700mm, which can offer rapid prototyping for innovative casting components in no subject huge, medium or tiny dimension. The unique feature-CZPT on Particular Area of the Platform, that is to print on particular region of the system as an alternative of complete location by modifying the movement length of the Sand Paving Technique on X & Y axis. It can stay away from squander of the consumables and can make total use of the equipment for various items.
Optimum Develop Measurement: 1800X1000X700mm
Modelling Effectiveness: 147L/h
CZPT Pace: 22 Sec./Layer
Layer Thickness: .two-.5mm

The maximum develop dimensions of PCM1200 is 1200X1000X600mm, which can provide speedy prototyping for complicated casting elements in medium or small measurement for different industries these kinds of as automotive, pump and valve, molding and many others. Double-task-box configuration is available for buyers who ask for non-stop creation with larger output.
Highest Create Size: 1200X1000X600mm
Modelling Effectiveness: 120L/h
CZPT Speed: eighteen Sec./Layer
Layer Thickness: .two-.5mm

The highest construct dimensions of PCM800 is 800X750X500mm, which can give quick prototyping for complicated casting components in medium or small dimension for a selection of industries. All machine versions can accommodate diverse sand kinds for printing, for illustration, silica sand, nice foundry sand, ceramic sand and CB sand and so on.
Greatest Create Dimensions: 800X750X500mm
Modelling Effectiveness: 49L/h
CZPT Pace: 22 Sec./Layer
Layer Thickness: .two-.5mm

Our Benefits:

(1)    Competitive price, all products are casted and machined in our manufacturing facility, transported directly to client.
(2)    Reliable quality,  IATF16946 qualified casting producer, we have strict manage about quality.
(3)    Professional, we emphasis on generation of Car Components for more than 10 many years.
(4)    Fast shipment,  we have a productive administration program, several automated casting traces, and far more than 10 machining traces.
(5)    Excellent service, our product sales team has far more than 10 years' knowledge in oversea marketplace, we know you far better.
(6)    Flexible manufacturing, we can customise the merchandise according to your drawing.

1. Are you a factory or investing organization? 
We are a IATF16949 licensed manufacturing unit specializing in making Auto parts. We solid and machine the areas for much more than ten many years.

2. Can you customize the areas in accordance to the drawing?

We have skilled complex dept., we are capable to personalize your parts according to the drawings. 

3. Can you supply samples?

We can source the samples, but you want to bear the growth and shipping expense.

four. Do you have a min purchase amount?
We never have a min order quantity, we can ship you the components in accordance to your drawings  

5. What is the period of sample production?

 It will take 15~twenty five times to produce new item.

Automotive engine block
Product Sort: Single-cylinder, double-cylinder or multi-cylinder blocks
Materials: Aluminum alloy (pre-solid cylinder liner), Gray forged iron

Cylinder head
Product Type: Solitary-cylinder, double-cylinder or multi-cylinder heads
Content: Aluminum alloy, Gray solid iron, Ductile iron (nodular cast iron)

New Energy Motor and Reducer Housing (Shell)
Item Type: H2o-cooled motor housing, two-in-1 & 3-in-1 motor housing, reducer housing
Material: Aluminum alloy(pre-solid steel sleeve), Grey cast iron, Ductile iron (nodular cast iron)

Clutch transmission housing
Product Sort: different kinds of MT, AMT, AT, DCT, CVT, and so forth. transmission housing
Content: Aluminum alloy, Gray solid iron, Ductile iron (nodular forged iron)

Body chassis
Solution Sort: Steering gear, steering knuckle, sub-frame
Content: Aluminum alloy, Grey cast iron, Ductile iron (nodular solid iron)

Impeller pump valve
Item Type: Impeller, pump human body, pump valve of solitary or multi-phase h2o pump
Substance: Aluminum alloy, Gray cast iron, Ductile iron (nodular forged iron), CZPT Steel

Firm Brief Data:

ZheJiang CZPT ZhuoLi CZPT Co., Ltd. is a maker with 129 personnel it was proven in 2011, found in No. eight, East Kebao Rd., Shishan CZPT Zone A, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District, HangZhou Town, ZheJiang , China. The organization occupies an location of seven,044 sq. meters. ZheJiang CZPT ZhuoLi CZPT Co., Ltd. has its personal brand in domestic of China. They have passed ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 certification in 2019, and obtained CE certification. ZheJiang CZPT ZhuoLi CZPT Co., Ltd. has its very own R&D office, and obtained a great deal of patent certificates.

ZheJiang CZPT Zhuoli CZPT Co., Ltd. is a single of China's earliest businesses partaking in researching 3D printing technological innovation and commercialize the engineering. The firm productively developed the sophisticated technology dependent on the 3D sand printing and applies the engineering into China's foundry industry. At present it is also 3D printing foremost enterprise in industrialization.

At present, ZheJiang FengHua ZhuoLi (FHZL) CZPT Co., Ltd. has developed into a comprehensive higher-tech business that could supply complete R&D & manufacturing, revenue of 3D sand printing equipment, 3D printing intricate steel areas, 3D printing mixed with gravity and minimal pressure casting of standard metallic mildew, CNC precision machining, customization of speedy producing for 3D sand mildew (core) printing, software of 3D info processing and 3D electronic integrated engineering, different 3D printing consumables, and so forth.

Amid of them, the chilly main (box) production engineering for 3D printing of micro-droplet jet sand mildew was 1st created in China, acquired a number of patent certification, this distinctive engineering is exceptional and compatible with the traditional approach. It would tremendously modifications the standard creation cycle and production technology in foundry sector.

In the meantime FHZL has much more than 10 many years of fast casting & processing knowledge, over 1000 various sorts of solution development cases for each calendar year, offered fast production companies to virtually 400 large enterprises each domestic and abroad, at current, FHZL has the comprehensive abilities of impartial investigation and manufacture of 3D printing gear, sand casting, steel mold gravity and low strain casting, precision machining, and so forth. which had been widely used in automotive, pump, valve, engineering equipment, mining machinery, construction machinery, armed forces market, vessel, aviation, aerospace, new strength, rail transit, casting mildew and many other industries.


one.What is the distinctions with FHZL and our competitor? 
FHZL is not only mold producer but also a higher-tech company that offered  material study,product layout, mold technological innovation,procedure engineering services.A provider of aluminum and other metal alloy casting solution.

2.Why FHZL can be the leading SAND Casting mould maker ?
1). Quickly Delivery time : ten-thirty times according the mould structure,processing problems and so forth.
two) Strictly CZPT Manage: Inspection by CMM,3D handy scanner ,Waterway Tester,Flaw Detector, Metallographic Microscope,Spectrum Analyzer ,X-RAY flaw detector,Picture Measurement CZPT,Hardness Tester,Universal Tester
3) Excellent R&D potential: Senior skilled experts
4) Services: Provide solution design -- Product functionality investigation for our shopper-- Propose chance merchandise-- Style the most ideal mildew framework for clients in accordance to customer's on-site method amount and behavior--Help our clients improve their casting indexes --- Help shopper improve their method--Traceable good quality document,for all of our add-ons we have rigorous supervision method from buying to shipping,make sure all mould meet up with customer's need.
5) Reasonable Price tag

three.What is CZPT Strength of FHZL firm ?
one).We are not only Sand mildew maker, but also resolution service provider of aluminum, and so forth. metallic-alloy casting issues.  
2)We have capacity to do casting simulation which can assist us to validate the qualitative scheme.
three)We possess very own demo-manufacture shop which is used for verifying the reasonability of mold design and style and output the casting parameter for customer's reference.

four.What is the positive aspects of our mould production ?
one).Exceptional Pre-product sales support :  product layout / Offering mildew parameter , approach and so on for reference.
2).Sturdy R&D complex potential ,with scientific research undertaking , info as help even though others manufacture by encounter.
3).Reverse calculation of deformation,made data quantification,

five. Production CZPT:
Above ten years' expertise in foundry and machining of automotive parts
More than a thousand diverse types of item advancement experience per calendar year
Casting potential of aluminum alloy, solid iron, forged metal, stainless steel and other components
Different of casting technological innovation capabilities of sand mould gravity casting, metallic mildew gravity and low stress casting, and many others.

six. CZPT Control:
Testing ability of sand mould dimensions and important parameters, semifinished solution materials and dimension, concluded item dimension and air tightness
Stringent incoming inspection, sample inspection, approach inspection and outcoming inspection CZPTs

7. Venture Management:
Undertaking accountability technique- venture engineer is accountable for the top quality and supply in the total method, from early phase technical communication, production procedure stick to-up to following-sales service.
Overall on-line checking documents from manufacturing to inspection, actual-time comments processing

eight. CZPT: Aluminum alloy, forged iron, cast steel and stainless steel, and so forth.
CZPT: Automotive, pump, valve, engineering machinery, mining equipment, development machinery, navy sector, vessel, aviation, aerospace, new power, robotic, rail transit, casting mildew and numerous other industries.
Modes of production: Sand mold casting, metallic mildew gravity and reduced force casting, precision machining, and so forth.  


Vacuum Pump OEM Customized Sand 3D Printer & Spare Parts Auto Engine Block Cylinder Head Case by Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing Sand Casting & CNC Machining