Product Description


Product Description

GWSP Oil free Scroll Vacuum Pump

Working principle:
GWSP oil free scroll vacuum pump is constructed with pump head assembly, crank pin assembly, bracket assembly, air flush assembly,and exhaust valve assembly.Two spiral cylinders, 1 offset and orbiting against the other fixed with an offset of 180° to form several crescent-shaped pockets of different sizes. By means of an eccentric drive, the orbiting scroll is made to orbit about the fixed scroll, reducing the volume of the pockets and compressing gas from outside towards the inside thereby pumping the gas from vacuum chamber.

Basic informations:
1) Model: GWSP150 Oil free scroll vacuum pump
2) Ultimate vacuum pressure: 6.0Pa/0.06 mbar (abs.)
3) Max suction capacity: 50Hz-2.0L/s 60Hz-2.4L/s

Safety Precautions:
The GWSP series oil free scroll vacuum pumps are suitable for clean processes only.
Do not pump toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles.GEOWELL will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances.
Be sure the inlet gas temperature must be lower than 122 °F.

Technical Specifications


  Model GWSP40 GWSP75 GWSP150 GWSP300 GWSP600 GWSP1000
  Pumping Speed 50Hz l/s 0.5 1.0  2.0  4.3 8.7 16.6
m3/h 1.8 3.6 7.2 15.5 31.3 59.8
cfm 1.1 2.1 4.3 9.3 18.7 35.8
60Hz l/s 0.6 1.2 2.4 5.1 10.4 20.0 
m3/h 2.2 4.3 8.6 18.3 37.4 71.6
cfm 1.3 2.5 5.1 10.9 22.3 42.8
  Ultimate Pressure Torr   ≤1.1*10-1   ≤6.0*10-2   ≤4.5*10-2   ≤1.9*10-2   ≤7.5*10-3   ≤7.5*10-3
psi   ≤2.2*10-3   ≤1.2*10-3   ≤9.0*10-4   ≤3.8*10-4   ≤1.5*10-4   ≤1.5*10-4
Pa   ≤15   ≤8   ≤6   ≤2.6   ≤1   ≤1
mbar   ≤1.5*10-1   ≤8.0*10-2   ≤6.0*10-2   ≤2.6*10-2   ≤1.0*10-2   ≤1.0*10-2
  Noise Level dB(A)   ≤54   ≤57   ≤57   ≤60   ≤61   ≤65
  Leakage mbar·l/s 1*10-7
  Max. Inlet/Exhaust Pressure MPa 0.1 / 0.13
  Ambient Operation Temp. ºF 41~104
  Motor 1 phase Power kW 0.25 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 --
Voltage V   110~115 (60Hz),200~230 (50Hz) --
Speed rpm 1425(50Hz),1725(60Hz) --
Plug   North America, Europe, UK/Ireland, India --
  Motor 3 phase Power kW -- 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 1.5
Voltage V -- 200~230 or 380~415 (50Hz),200~230 or 460 (60Hz)
Speed rpm --      1425 (50Hz),1725 (60Hz)
  Inlet/Exhaust Flange   KF25/KF16 KF40/KF16 KF40/KF16*2
  Dimensions 1 phase mm 326*212*253 450*260*296 455*260*296 493*297*334 538*315*348 --
3 phase mm -- 450*260*296 455*260*296 493*297*334 538*315*348 576*450*402
  Net Weight 1 phase kg 15 21 22 29 36 --
3 phase kg -- 20 21 28 31 54
  Cooling Type   Air cooled
  Others   With air flush

Features & Benefits


No oil clean vacuum.
No oil back-diffusion, no oil mist exhaust, provide clean vacuum environment
Wide product lineup.
Pumping speed covers 3~60 m3 /h, limited vacuum level 1~8 Pa
Suitable for all type of power supply around the world.
110/220/380/460V, 50/60Hz for choose
Low vibration, low noise.
57~65 dB(A), smooth operation
High efficiency, ease of maintenance.
No water cooled, no oil lubricated, no daily maintenance




Quality Control

CMM inspection system assures
fixed tolarance on dimension&shape

Pump Testing


Analyzing instrument and device.
Spectroscopy/scHangZhou electron microscopy.
Space environment simulation machine.
Helium Leak detector.
Mass spectrometer.
Cryopump regeneration.

Food and drug industry.
Freezing dryer.
Vacuum storage.
Medical equipment
Low temperature plasma sterilizer.
Vacuum storage.
Dental equipment.

Vacuum equipment.
Oil free ultrahigh vacuum unit
Oil free vacuum unit

Company Profile

GEOWELL VACUUM CO.,LTD. is a HI-TECH enterprise in China dedicating in manufacturing, research and development, marketing of oil free scroll vacuum pumps and vacuum compressors since 2002. GEOWELL has been providing users and partners with premium quality products that are efficient and dependable, GEOWELL believe the integration of high performance and high reliability product and service will bring the highest value to both our customers and ourselves.


Q: How long can I get the feedback after we sent the inquiry?
A: We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
Q: Are you direct manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are direct manufacturer with factory and international department; we manufacture and sell all our products by ourselves.
Q: When can you delivery the product to us?
A: Since we are a factory with large warehouse, we have abundant products in store, so we can delivery within 7 days after get your deposit.
Q: Can I add logo to the products?
A: Of course, but we usually have quantity requirement. You can contact with us for details.
Q: How to guarantee the quality and after sales service of your products?
A: We conduct strict detection during production from raw material come in to product delivering shipment. Every product must go through 4 steps inspection from casting, machining, assembling, and performance testing within our factory before shipment, also intact packaging test are insured.
Q: What is your warranty term?
A: There is a 12 months warranty for our export products from the date of shipment. If warranty has run out, our customer should pay for the replacement part.
Q: Is the sample available?
A: Yes, usually we send our samples by Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF, Depon, it will take around 3 to 4 days for our customer receive them, but customer will charge all cost related to the samples, such as sample cost and air freight. We will refund our customer the sample cost after receiving the order.

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After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Years
Oil or Not: Oil Free


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

scroll vane pump

Can scroll vacuum pumps be used in semiconductor manufacturing and research?

Yes, scroll vacuum pumps can be used in semiconductor manufacturing and research. Here's a detailed explanation:

Scroll vacuum pumps are widely utilized in various applications within the semiconductor industry, including both manufacturing processes and research activities. These pumps offer several advantages that make them suitable for semiconductor-related applications:

1. Clean and Oil-Free Operation:

Scroll vacuum pumps are available in oil-free versions, making them well-suited for semiconductor manufacturing and research environments that require a high level of cleanliness. Oil-free operation eliminates the risk of oil contamination, which is crucial in preventing particles or residues that could adversely affect semiconductor device fabrication or research experiments.

2. High Reliability and Uptime:

Scroll vacuum pumps are known for their reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements. This is particularly important in semiconductor manufacturing, where continuous operation and high uptime are critical for maximizing productivity. The robust design and minimal wear parts of scroll pumps contribute to their long-term reliability and reduced downtime.

3. Low Vibration and Noise:

Scroll vacuum pumps operate with low vibration levels, which is advantageous in semiconductor manufacturing and research settings. Excessive vibrations can disrupt delicate semiconductor fabrication processes or interfere with sensitive research measurements. Additionally, scroll pumps are designed to operate quietly, contributing to a more comfortable and productive working environment.

4. Good Pumping Speed and Ultimate Vacuum:

Scroll vacuum pumps offer efficient pumping speeds, enabling rapid evacuation of process chambers or research apparatus. They can achieve high vacuum levels, which are necessary for various semiconductor manufacturing and research applications, such as thin film deposition, plasma etching, or surface analysis techniques.

5. Compact and Space-Saving:

Scroll vacuum pumps have a compact design and a smaller footprint compared to some other types of vacuum pumps. This is beneficial in semiconductor manufacturing facilities or research laboratories where space is often limited. The compact size of scroll pumps allows for easier integration into existing systems or setups.

6. Compatibility with Semiconductor Processes:

Scroll vacuum pumps are compatible with a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing processes, including vacuum deposition, etching, ion implantation, and thermal processing. They can handle various gases, vapors, and byproducts encountered in these processes, contributing to their versatility.

It is important to consult the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines to ensure that the specific scroll vacuum pump model is suitable for the semiconductor manufacturing or research requirements. Manufacturers can provide information on the pump's performance characteristics, materials compatibility, and any additional features or considerations specific to semiconductor applications.

By utilizing scroll vacuum pumps in semiconductor manufacturing and research, companies and researchers can benefit from their clean operation, reliability, high vacuum performance, and compatibility with a wide range of processes. These pumps play a vital role in enabling the production of high-quality semiconductor devices and supporting cutting-edge research in the semiconductor field.

scroll vane pump

How do scroll vacuum pumps compare to other types of vacuum pumps in terms of performance?

Scroll vacuum pumps offer unique advantages and perform differently compared to other types of vacuum pumps. Here's a detailed comparison of scroll vacuum pumps with other common vacuum pump types:

1. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Rotary Vane Pumps:

a. Oil Contamination: Scroll vacuum pumps operate without oil lubrication, eliminating the risk of oil contamination in the pumped gases or the surrounding environment. In contrast, rotary vane pumps require oil lubrication, which can introduce oil vapor or particles into the vacuum system.

b. Vibration and Noise: Scroll vacuum pumps operate with low vibration levels and produce less noise compared to rotary vane pumps. Rotary vane pumps can generate higher levels of vibration and noise due to the reciprocating motion of the vanes.

c. Ultimate Vacuum: Rotary vane pumps can achieve lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They are capable of reaching vacuum levels in the range of 10-3 to 10-4 millibar (mbar), while scroll vacuum pumps typically achieve vacuum levels in the range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar.

2. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Turbomolecular Pumps:

a. Pumping Speed: Turbomolecular pumps offer higher pumping speeds compared to scroll vacuum pumps. Turbomolecular pumps can achieve faster evacuation rates, making them suitable for applications that require rapid pumpdown or high gas flow rates.

b. Ultimate Vacuum: Turbomolecular pumps can achieve much lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They are capable of reaching vacuum levels in the range of 10-7 to 10-10 mbar, making them suitable for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.

c. Complexity and Cost: Turbomolecular pumps are more complex and expensive compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They often require additional supporting equipment, such as backing pumps or foreline traps, which can increase the overall system complexity and cost.

3. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Diaphragm Pumps:

a. Contamination Resistance: Scroll vacuum pumps offer better contamination resistance compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps can be prone to contamination when handling corrosive or particulate-laden gases.

b. Ultimate Vacuum: Scroll vacuum pumps can achieve lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps typically reach vacuum levels in the range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar, similar to scroll pumps, but may have limitations in achieving deeper vacuum levels.

c. Durability: Scroll vacuum pumps are generally more durable and require less maintenance compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps utilize flexible membranes that can wear out over time and may require periodic replacement.

In summary, scroll vacuum pumps offer advantages such as oil-free operation, low vibration and noise levels, and contamination resistance. However, their ultimate vacuum levels may not match those of turbomolecular pumps or rotary vane pumps. The choice of vacuum pump depends on specific application requirements, including the desired vacuum level, pumping speed, contamination sensitivity, and budget constraints.

scroll vane pump

How does the scroll design contribute to the reliability of these pumps?

The scroll design of vacuum pumps plays a significant role in enhancing their reliability. Here's an explanation of how the scroll design contributes to the reliability of these pumps:

1. Sealed System:

The scroll design features two interleaved spiral scrolls, one fixed and one orbiting. The interaction between these scrolls creates a series of crescent-shaped chambers. As the orbiting scroll moves, these chambers decrease in size, compressing and expelling gases. The tightly sealed system of the scroll design ensures minimal leakage, preventing the entry of contaminants and maintaining a consistent vacuum level. This sealed system enhances the reliability of scroll vacuum pumps by minimizing the risk of performance degradation and ensuring continuous and efficient operation.

2. Oil-Free Operation:

One of the key advantages of scroll vacuum pumps is their oil-free operation. Unlike other types of pumps that rely on oil lubrication, scroll pumps utilize a dry mechanism. The scroll design eliminates the need for oil lubrication by using non-contacting, self-lubricating materials such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or carbon. This eliminates the risk of oil contamination in the pumped gases or the vacuum chamber. The absence of oil also reduces maintenance requirements and enhances the reliability of the pumps by eliminating the potential for oil-related issues, such as oil degradation, leaks, or mechanical failures.

3. Minimal Moving Parts:

The scroll design features a relatively simple construction with minimal moving parts. Compared to other types of pumps, scroll vacuum pumps have fewer components that can wear out or malfunction. This reduces the likelihood of mechanical failures and improves the overall reliability of the pumps. The simplicity of the scroll design also contributes to ease of maintenance and servicing, further enhancing their reliability and uptime.

4. Low Vibration and Noise Levels:

The scroll design of vacuum pumps results in smooth and quiet operation. The absence of reciprocating pistons or vanes, which are common in other pump designs, reduces vibration levels. This lower vibration minimizes the stress on pump components, reducing wear and tear and improving the overall reliability. Additionally, the low noise levels of scroll pumps make them suitable for applications that require a quiet working environment, such as laboratories or medical facilities.

5. Contamination Resistance:

The scroll design of vacuum pumps offers inherent contamination resistance. The absence of oil lubrication eliminates the risk of oil carryover or oil-related contamination. Additionally, the sealed system and non-contacting scroll surfaces reduce the chances of particulate contamination or wear debris generation. This contamination resistance contributes to the long-term reliability of the pumps by minimizing the potential for performance degradation or damage to sensitive components.

In summary, the scroll design of vacuum pumps enhances their reliability through a sealed system, oil-free operation, minimal moving parts, low vibration and noise levels, and contamination resistance. These factors make scroll vacuum pumps a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

China OEM 2L/S 0.55kw Oil Less Scroll Vacuum Pump Supplier Gwsp150 with Low Noise Low Energy Consume for a Better Work Environment   a/c vacuum pump		China OEM 2L/S 0.55kw Oil Less Scroll Vacuum Pump Supplier Gwsp150 with Low Noise Low Energy Consume for a Better Work Environment   a/c vacuum pump
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