Sanitary Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pump for Food Industry

CZPT CZPT Steel Cam Rotor Pump For Food Industry 

Apps: Meals industry, CZPT chemical industry, The pharmaceutical market, CZPT sector., and so on.

It adopts stainless steel and rapid open composition. Non-pollution to components,
It is hassle-free to clear and up to GMP top quality CZPT. The interface of this machine adopts ISO CZPT yoke coupling.

The whole physique utilizes the stainless steel resources, equipping with common or anti-explosion electric motor. It truly is suitable for conveying liquid materials in various locations and tends to make sure the manufacturing treatment in accordance with GMP high quality CZPT.
Cam Rotor Pump Operation Principle 
Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe pump, three lobe pump, sole pump etc. When the two simultaneous reverse rotating rotors (with 2-four gears) revolve, it creates suction drive at the inlet (vacuum), which intakes the material sent. The two rotors divide the rotor housing into numerous scaled-down areas and revolve in the sequence of A--B--C--D. When it revolves to situation A, only housing I is loaded with medium .When it revolves to position B, housing B encloses component of the medium when it goes to position chousing A encloses medium, and finally it goes to place D, then housing A ,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet. As this procedure is repeated, medium materials is transported repeatedly.
CZPT stainless metal Cam rotor pump

Type Output each and every revolve Velocity regulation range (r/m) Fee Flux (TON/H) Motor energy
TR-I-1 .05 200-four hundred .6-1.5 .fifty five
TR-I-2 .065 200-four hundred .78-1.95 .75
TR-I-three .08 two hundred-400 .96-two.4 one.1
TR-I-4 .1 two hundred-four hundred 1.2-three
TR-I-5 .11 two hundred-four hundred 1.32-3.three 1.five
TR-I-6 .twelve 200-four hundred one.44-three.6 1.five
TR-I-seven .14 200-four hundred one.sixty eight-four.two 2.two
TR-I-eight .seventeen 200-400 two.04-5.1 two.2
TR-I-9 .21 two hundred-400 two.52-6.3 three

CZPT CZPT Metal Cam Rotor Pump For Foodstuff Sector  .

Sanitary Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pump for Food Industry