Durr Small Vacuum Vapour Recovery Pump for Fuel Dispenser

The TDW VRP-70 Vapour Recovery Pumps are vacuum pumps with integrated flame arresters organized on the inlet and outlet sides to suck off explosion - capable gasoline vapour/air mixtures into vapour recovery unit s of dispensing products at filling stations.
Features and Advantages:
Ø  CZPT Method - To avoid a flame breakthrough in deflagrations or steady detonations of explosion - capable vapour/air mixtures of explosion team in the circumstance of ignition on the dispensing valve and the following subsequent max. hose and pipe size: gas return hose with an inside diameter < 10mm in a coaxial hose <6mm, or optionally coaxial hose <6mm with an outer diameter <38mm, together with a subsequent ID 15pipe (G 1/2")<3mm.
Ø  The fuel temperature in the outlet line must not exceed 95° C±5° C.
Ø  For faultless function is required to hold the item clean.
Ø  Selective of Solitary pump head or double pump head.
Ø  100% Factory Analyzed

CZPT Specs

Resistance to Pressure

.three Mpa

Environment Pressure        


Max Movement fee








Moter Power


Motor Velocity


Sound Sound



-25° C to 55° C

Internet Fat

12.80KG(One), fourteen.95KG (Double)

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Durr Small Vacuum Vapour Recovery Pump for Fuel Dispenser