Bare Shaft Centrifugal Water Boosting Pressure Pump

Bare Shaft Centrifugal Water/Boosting/Strain Pump

Our stop suction centrifugal pump is specialized in pumping h2o , liquid, chemical substances, and many others. With compact composition , its working diameter ranges from 50mm to three hundred mm, each model of our solution has 4-5 impellers with distinct measurements, the rotation speed is 1450rpm, 1750rpm, 2900rpm, 3500rpm for optional. This circulation for air conditioner, sewage treatment method hearth preventing system and other fields.
DA is employed for handing very clear water or the liquids similar to the water physically and chemically finding the applications for h2o feed and supply service in mine, vegetation and towns, air -conditioning, extinguishing and irrigation.
In spite of the same specification, the pump's performances differ with the diameter of the impeller. (Indicated with the block letters A, B and C in the sort.)
The pump is basic in composition, reliable in performances, tiny in size, minimal in energy intake, practical in maintenance of great cavitation proof.

one. Working Assortment

Speed 2900r/min 1450r/min or 1480r/min
Max. Capability 132L/s 300L/s
Max. Head 150m 550m
Max. Velocity 3500r/min (when using the electricity of 60Hz, the dia. of impeller is decreased)
Max. Working Temperature 105ºC
Shaft Seal Packing Seal or CZPT Seal
Packing or mechanical seal -10ºC
Doing work Force CZPTly it is 1 Mpa, While the components of enterprise strain of DA40/32H, DA50/32H, DA65/32H, DA80/32H, DA100/32H are fabricated with nodular cast iron or forged steel, it can boost to one.6Mpa. When essential to apply to the other pumps, remember to condition in the get.

2. Pump and Parts Materials

Pump Casing Gray Solid Iron Nodular Forged Iron CZPT Steel 304/316/316L
Impeller Gray Cast Iron Bronze CZPT Steel 304/316/316L
Shaft CZPT Metal Chrome Steel
Shaft Sleeve CZPT Steel
Casing Ring Gray Cast Iron Bronze

three. Product Table

Model Flow Rate Head Rotation Speed Shaft Power Efficiency Impeller Dia. Cavitation
m3/h L/s m r/min kw % mm m
DAZ65/13-01504 29.0  8.05  6.four 1450 .78  65 139 two.three
forty eight.3  thirteen.41  5.five .93  78 two.4
fifty seven.9  16.09  four.8 .98  seventy seven 2.7
DAZ65/13-01104 27.1  seven.53  5.5 1450 .60  sixty eight one hundred thirty 2.three
45.2  12.54  four.6 .72  78 two.4
54.2  15.05  3.six .71  75
DAZ65/thirteen-0571 25.0  six.95  four.6 1450 .46  67.5 a hundred and twenty 2.three
41.7  11.58  3.eight .56  77.five two.four
50.0  thirteen.89  3. .55  74 two.7
DAZ65/thirteen-11002 60.0  16.67  24.five 2900 5.89  sixty eight 139 3
a hundred.0  27.78  20.five 7.06  79 3.75
a hundred and twenty.0  33.34  17.2 seven.39  76 four.two
DAZ65/13-5712 56.1  fifteen.59  twenty.six 2900 4.63  68 a hundred thirty three
93.5  twenty five.98  16.two five.38  seventy six.six 3.seventy five
112.2  31.18  thirteen. five.59  71 four.two
DAZ65/thirteen- 0571 2 fifty one.8  14.39  seventeen.two 2900 three.68  66 one hundred twenty 3
86.3  23.98  13.2 4.25  seventy three three.seventy five
103.6  28.78  ten.two four.29  sixty seven 4.two
DAZ65/thirteen-57104 29.0  nine.71  nine.3 1750 1.13  sixty five 139 2.3
48.3  sixteen.18  8. one.35  seventy eight two.four
57.9  19.42  7. 1.43  77
DAZ65/thirteen-01504 27.1  9.08  8. 1750 .87  68 one hundred thirty two.three
45.2  fifteen.14 1.06  seventy eight 2.four
54.2  eighteen.16  5.2 1.03  seventy five two.7
DAZ65/13-01104 twenty five.0  eight.38 1750 .68  sixty seven.five a hundred and twenty 2.three
forty one.7  thirteen.97  five.five .81  77.5 two.4
50.0  16.77  4.4 .80  74 two.7
DAZ65/13-15002 72.4  twenty.12  35.7 3500 10.35  sixty eight 139 three
a hundred and twenty.7  33.53  29.9 12.42  seventy nine three.75
144.8  forty.23  25.1 thirteen.00  seventy six 4.2
DAZ65/thirteen-11002 67.7  eighteen.81  thirty. 3500 8.14  68 one hundred thirty 3
112.9  31.36  23.6 9.47  76.6 three.seventy five
135.5  37.63  18.9 nine.83  71 four.two
DAZ65/13-11002 62.5  17.37  25.1 3500 six.46  66 one hundred twenty 3
104.2  28.94  19.two 7.47  seventy three 3.seventy five
a hundred twenty five.0  34.73  fourteen.nine 7.55  67 4.2

1. CZPTal CZPT: obvious water transportation, pressurization technique, air situation drinking water circulation system, hearth extinguishing method, swimming pool and water circulation program.
2. Business: circulating cooling technique, procedure water for paper-making and paper pulp, metal production, shipbuilding, sea transportation and other manufacturing sector.
3. CZPT Sector: h2o source, mine drainage, generating station, and many others.
four. Others: Municipal h2o offer, agricultural irrigation and some other people.

Our Services
one. Shipping and delivery: Supply time will be on time as the contract. Generally, our organization need to have twenty five doing work  days for diesel motor pump, and for bare shaft pump, it normally takes 15 operating days,
two. Guarantee: 12 thirty day period for the pump body, 3 month for the primary doing work parts.
3. Bundle: We use plywood case to pack our pump, which is durable for ocean transportation.
four. On-sales Provider: we will distinct show you everything in fact when you location an order with us. We will just take images or films to present you our manufacturing predicament, and report the generation situation to you.
five. CZPT: we will test our pump just before supply, and we will follow up the pump doing work conditions for each a few months when the pump place into use. If you need spare parts, we can deliver to you in one or two months.

Our Company

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Bare Shaft Centrifugal Water Boosting Pressure Pump