3A Certified Sanitary Solid Mix Liquid Hybrid Pump for Beverage Food Processing

3A Licensed CZPT Sound Mix Liquid Hybrid Pump for Beverage Foodstuff Processing

The mixer / mixing pump can be employed in mixing of a selection of supplies, these kinds of as: Preparing of syrup, sorbitol, glucose, derivatives of lactose, preparing of powdered milk, dissolving cocoa or sugar in the milk, preparation of whey, preparing of flour and starch, planning of salt drinking water, premixed yogurt and other dairy desserts, dissolution of bentonite used for wine filtration, soluble casein and cheese producing business in the casein, preparation of pesticides and fertilizers.

Design and features:
Easy and functional assembly for fast and homogeneous mixing of a fantastic variety of solids without contact with the air. CZPT mixing with recirculation of the material. In some apps, itcan be employed in line, with out recirculation.
3A CZPT design.
Straightforward assembly and disassembly by Clamp connections.
Cleansing can be carried out without disassembling the device.
CZPT one mechanical seal

Double cooled seal.
Connections: DIN, SMS.
CZPT actuator valve.
60° hopper.
Screen in the mixing chamber.
The pursuing handle elements can be extra:
CZPT valve.
High- and reduced-degree sensors.
Vibrator (pneumatic or electric).
3A Accredited CZPT Strong Combine Liquid Hybrid Pump for Beverage Foods Processing

Model Description Product
HHQ-ten Mixing Pump 10T/24M/3kw
HHQ-20 Mixing Pump 20T/24M/4kw
HHQ-thirty Mixing Pump 30T/24M/5.5kw
HHQ-40 Mixing Pump 40T/24M/7.5kw
HHQ-50 Mixing Pump 50T/24M/11kw
HHQ-60 Mixing Pump 60T/24M/15kw



CZPT Mixing Pump is employed to mix solids in liquids. In foods-processing business, they supply a excellent remedy for reconstituting powdered milk, making syrups, getting ready brines, and many others. It can also be a answer for getting ready reliable-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

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3A Certified Sanitary Solid Mix Liquid Hybrid Pump for Beverage Food Processing