Zkb3-002b Hydraulic Vacuum Pump-Hydraulic Test Pump-Hydraulic Pump Electric

This series of pumps mostly supplies vacuum for the motor brake system.

ZKB   3   A  
Vacuum pump  Serial code: 0 can be omitted  Solution design and style sequence number 

Technical Attribute
01.Open up style, the shaft conclude connection strategy has spline, gear, etc. The oil port specification and shaft conclude link can also be developed in accordance to user demands
02.Two-physique structure, with lower noise, small dimensions, gentle bodyweight, and many others

Product number  Maximum pumping 
Rotation  Supporting user  Consumer code 
ZKB1(Gear ZKB1-104)   ≥90   right   CZPT Motor Corporation  A3960329  
ZKB1(Gear ZKB1-104)   ≥90   right     CZPT Motor Corporation  A3960346  
ZKB1(Equipment ZKB1-104A)   ≥90   right     CZPT Motor Corporation  3510Q37-571  
ZKB1(Gear ZKB1-104B)   ≥90   right     CZPT Motor Company 3510Q37-571-B  
ZKB1(Equipment ZKB1-104C)   ≥90   right     CZPT MotorCorporation 3510Q52-571  
ZKB1A   ≥90   right      Lovol Hefty Business CO.,LTD. B4618-36A571000A0 
ZKB2-002   ≥90   right      Perkins  T2488A281  
ZKB2A-002   ≥90   right    Liugong CZPTry Co., Ltd.  40C3746  
ZKB2-003   ≥90   right     Perkins   T2488A281B  
ZKB3-002A   ≥90   right    Weichai 
Keeping Group Co., Ltd.
ZKB3-002B   ≥90   right     FOTON  B4619-36A571000A0 
ZKB3A-002   ≥90   right      ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd.   412005717  
ZKB6   ≥90   right          
ZKB7-002   ≥90   right       Liugong CZPTry Co., Ltd. 40C1365  

 MAJOR Source
The major consumers are CZPT Motor Company,  Lovol Hefty Industry CO.,LTD., Perkins, Liugong CZPTry Co., Ltd., Weichai Keeping Group Co., Ltd., ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd.


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Zkb3-002b Hydraulic Vacuum Pump-Hydraulic Test Pump-Hydraulic Pump Electric