Wq40-15-4 Submersible Pumps with Portable Type

WQ Submersible Sewage Pumps

WQ2000 -twenty -a hundred and sixty
WQ --- submersible sewage pump
2000 --- flow ability (m3/h)
20 --- head(m)
a hundred and sixty --- power p2 (kw)

Application scope:
WQ sequence submersible sewage pump has dependable efficiency and excellent high quality. It can be utilised commonly. This collection pump adopts some know-how technological innovation, its construction which can resist tear and clog can guarantee properly that the strong particle (φ 50mm- 125mm) and fiber this kind of as cotton, weed can go easily.

WQ series pump can be utilized on a lot of application this sort of as mine, municipal engineering, healthcare facility, lodge, village and marsh fuel tank to pump civil sewage and industrical pollution drinking water. It is also utilized to oil extraction and irrigation. Working assortment:

1. CZPT temperature: 40 °
two. pH: five-nine.

Procedure instruction:

Spend attention to set up:

Before functioning pump, a certified electrician ought to verify pump system. Be confident to make some electrical tools defense measures as adhere to:

1. Ahead of operating pump, a -500V megohmmeter should be used to evaluate resistance of the motor to the ground. Least resistance is 1 megohm.

2. Electrical power voltage deviation can not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage which is showed on the nameplate.

three. Verify the motor rotation. Prior to functioning the pump, start off the pump on the floor, examine the rotation is the same with the rotation marked on the pump human body. If not, alter two of them.

4. The pump should be managed by a particular panel. As pump with numerous safety device, like leakage monitor, temperature sensor, and so on. These system can shield pump from hurt and extend the pump life.

CZPT characteristic (search desk)
Set up size
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 model  capacity




frame NO.
auto coupling


 WQ10-ten-one      10 10  2900  44  50  M80  50GAK  25  29 
 WQ10-15-one.five 10  15  2900  44  1.5  50  M80  50GAK  25  32 
 WQ15-20-2.2 15   20 2900  47  2.2  50  M100  50GAK  25  45 
 WQ40-twelve-3 40  12  2900  54  50  M100  50GAK 25  45 
 WQ250-2-four  250 980  60  150  M112G  150GAK 70  100 
 WQ200-five-five.five 200   5 1470  72  five.5  200  M112G  200GAK  100  190 
 WQ20-40-7.five 20  40  2900  fifty four.5  seven.5  80  M112G  80GAK(A)  40  200 
 WQ500-5-11 500  1470  65  11  250  M160  250GAK  100  300 
 WQ70-32-15 70  32  1470  fifty seven.9  15  100  M160  100GAK  50  280 
 WQ800-4.5-eighteen.five 800  four.5  740  78  18.5  300  M225  300GAK  150  750 

Wq40-15-4 Submersible Pumps with Portable Type