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Rotory lobe pump is also named rotary lobe epump, three-lobe pump, sole pump,etc. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with 2-four gears)revolve, it generates suction power at the inlet(vacuum),which intakes the material sent.The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into several smaller sized areas and revo-Ive in the sequence of a→b→c→d. When it revolves to position a,only housing I is loaded with mediumwhen it revolves to position b,housing B encloses element of the medium,when it goes to placement c,housing A encloses medium,and ultimately it goes to position d,then housing A,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet.As this procedure is repeated,medium(content)is transpor-ted repeatedly. 
<<Butterfly rotor pump: with butterfly rotor, it is superior to other rotor pump when transferring material with high viscosity and larger powder and effectively transports extremely stiff material.
<<Singe butterfly curved rotor pump (powder rotor pump): this pump series are specially design to transport material with larger powder. Its unique shape and curve makes it more outstanding compared to other pumps in delivering material with larger powders. It effectively prevents powders from clashing, which is the top choice of pumps transferring material with powders.
<<Widely used to deliver: various special material, stiff material, mixture with different specific gravity, corrosive material and material with larger power.Capacity / per centum rotate, range speed, corresponding discharge
CZPT Parameters

Product Ability/per centum totate Speed(rpm) Movement(L/H) Electricity(kw)
High definition-three 3L two hundred-500 300-800 .fifty five
Hd-six 6L 650-1600 .seventy five
Hd-eight 8L 850-2160 one.five
Hd-twelve 12L 1300-3200 two.2
High definition-twenty 20L 2100-5400 3
Hd-30 30L two hundred-four hundred 3200-6400 4
High definition-36 36L 3800-7600 four
Hd-52 52L 5600-11000 five.five
Hd-sixty six 66L 7100-14000 seven.five
High definition-78 78L 9000-18000 seven.five
Hd-a hundred 100L 11000-22000 11
High definition-135 135L 15000-30000 15
High definition-one hundred sixty 160L 17000-34000 18.5
High definition-200 200L 216000-43000 22

Meals industrial: butter milk,chocolate,syrup,cheese,malt juice,beer,soda,h2o jelly,pudding,fruit juice beverages,   tomato sauce,fruit mud,greens paste,jelly,flavouring agent,fruit filling,cooking oil and dilute cream, and so on.
CZPT use industrial:hair gel, toothpaste,detergent,shampoo,shoe polish,cosmetics,and,honey and so on.
CZPT industrial: emulsifier, syrup,biological goods and royal jelly,etc
CZPT industrial:paint,dye,lubricate oil,emulsified asphalt,adhesive and glass glue,and so on.
Developing industrial: corrosion waterproof coating,ceramic coating,paint coating and ceramic materials,etc.
Other industrial:textile industry,papermaking industry and organic chemical sector,etc.
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Stainless Steel Gear Rotary Lobe Pump Rotor Pump for Pharmaceutical