Stainless Steel 304 316 Self-Priming Centrifugal Sea Water Pump

CZPT Metal 304/316 Self-priming Centrifugal Sea H2o Pump 

CZPT Parameters

Model Rotation 
Potential Head  Motor Power Outlet Max.Passing 
Solid Dia.
Suction Lift
rpm m3/h I/s m kw hp mm mm m
JT-6 750* one hundred 27.8 three.two 3 four a hundred and fifty
seventy six two.4
850 one hundred twenty five 34.7 3.eight 4 five.5
950* a hundred and fifty forty one.7  5.five seven.five 10 three.6 
1050 160 44.4 six.five 7.five ten 4.2 
1150 180 fifty.0  8.1  eleven 15 5.five
1250 two hundred 55.6 9.8 fifteen 20 six.4
1350 220 61.1 eleven 22 30 six.4
1450* 230 sixty three.nine 14.6 thirty forty six.7 
1550 250 sixty nine.four 16 30 40 seven.0 
1650 280 seventy seven.8 eighteen.three 37 50 seven.6 
1750 310 86.1 20.five 37 50 7.six

Perforance Curve

Set up Dimensions

Generation Method

one. Municipal engineering ,waste water therapy ,constructional engineering
two. Sewage selection or discharge in household local community
three. Sewage discharge in clinic and resort
four. Centralized and staged disposal in sewage remedy plant
five. Water drainage station
six. Critically polluted drinking water discharge
7. Agricultural irrigation and many others.

Right after-sales Service
Set up service
Our well -educated technicians, as well as the professional agent, will offer pump installation service. The suitable set up of the product guarantees the home security of our clientele.
Debugging service
Our debugging services realizes the fast and substantial-efficiency operation of the water pump, which is a very good commence for strength conservation and price saving.
Extended guarantee interval
CZPTly, the warranty period of time for quick-wear element is 3 mouths. To deliver far more gain to our clientele, we extend the warranty interval to 1 yr.
Method optimization
Are you stressing about strength waste of your water pump program? If so, our diagnostic resources could uncover out the crux and optimize your technique. For most programs, more than 50 percent of the overall strength use can ba saved.
Severely having the lifestyle cycle price into thought, we very carefully design the solution to conserve a lot more value for our customs, from acquiring price, operating value, to scrap benefit. From a extended-phrase point of view, often, we will recommend our clients to replace the current program. Our analysis on your pump can be regarded as the place verify for the lifestyle cycle expense of your method.
Spare elements
We will sustain certain spare components in our warehouse to make sure we have the inventory for the primary elements when needed, which can properly lessen the inconvenience and downtime. According to the pumping answer, characteristic and configuration of your system, we can make sure the spare components we supply can totally satisfy your demand.


Stainless Steel 304 316 Self-Priming Centrifugal Sea Water Pump