Milking Machine Spares Dry Type Vacuum Pump

Milking CZPT Spares Dry Kind Vacuum Pump

Swift Specifics&colon 

-  dry milking equipment vacuum pump
-  goat milking machine dry vane vacuum pump
-  low noise cow milk vacuum pump for sale
-  heavy responsibility and low sound milking equipment vacuum pump

This kind of pump be employed for our dry milking device&comma it is diverse from the other variety vacuum pump&comma which need to have the oil to lubricate the vane&comma this dry sort pump will not need to have the oil&comma don't need to have alter the vane annually&period
The vacuum pump is the coronary heart of the milking machine&interval Normal servicing assists protect the vacuum reserve&time period Numerous potential vacuum pump with various motor electricity be equipped for selecting&period The large obligation entire body of the rotary vane vacuum pump is created from chemical resistant solid iron&comma producing it durable to any environmental doing work situations&interval
The purpose of vacuum pump is to extract air from the milking equipment technique via the belt pushed&period This milking device vacuum pump offers flexibility with speeds ranging from about 800-1500 r&solmin and a corresponding angel of pump capacities to suit diverse sizes of milking equipment&time period
1 whole set milk vacuum pump is made up of vacuum pump&comma silencer &lparstainless metal muffer&rpar&comma oil can &lparoil pot&rpar&comma belt &lparpulley&rpar and some rubber areas&time period And the pump vane of vacuum pump kits is manufactured of fiber substance&period


Capacity &lparL&solmin&rpar 250 300 550 850 1500 2100
Pump Speed &lparr&solmin&rpar 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440
Vacuum Degree&lparKpa&rpar fifty fifty fifty fifty 50 fifty
Noise &lparDb&lparA&rpar&rpar  ≤50 ≤50 ≤60 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70
Ultimate Vacuum&lparMp&rpar ≤90 ≤90 ≤90 ≤90 ≤90 ≤90
Motor Power&lparkw&rpar one&period1 1&period1 two&period2 3 4 five&period5
Fat&lparkg&rpar thirteen&period5 14 31 36 fifty seven&period5 sixty nine&period5
Dimension&lparL×W×H&rpar &lparmm&rpar      230&ast220&ast220 230&ast220&ast220 280&ast270&ast220 three hundred&ast220&ast220 430&ast230&ast230 390&ast290&ast290

Note&colon The previously mentioned parameters for reference only&excl
- Ideal for milking parlor&comma automated milking system and milking machine&semi
- Comfortable and affordable appearance layout&semi
- Affordable silencer to decrease the noise&semi
- Vacuum air circle fast and quick&semi

The vacuum pump is the heart of the milking equipment&period The perform of vacuum pump is to extract air from the milking device system by way of the belt driven&period 

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Milking Machine Spares Dry Type Vacuum Pump