Loyo Model: GB02 Maximum 16 Bar Air Driven Gas Booster Pump for Vacuum Refilling

LYQ150 collection single action air pump

We are a skilled maker for high-pressure pumps and valves with high and steady top quality, and we have made a lot of pressure testing method solutions for many consumers.

LYQ150 collection one action air pump, air resource strain is from .2MPa (29PSI) to 1MPa (145PSI). Air inlet is G1/2″ (can be altered to other's joint with decreasing adapter). The pump entire body of hydraulic components in stainless steel, it can adapt water and hydraulic oil, ant its max. Working pressure can reach 351.6MPa (five 0571 PSI).


  1. CZPT medium temperature:-40ºC to 80ºC
  2. Greatest strain:351.6MPa(five 0571 PSI)
  3. air supply pressure .2MPa(29PSI) to 1MPa(145PSI)
  4. weight: Approximate sixteen kg
  5. Pressurization ratio: one:nine ~ one:351
  6. Stroke displacement: 6 ~ 235ml / stroke

Solution application

  1. the moveable stress take a look at device
  2. handheld upkeep tools
  3. Electricity transformation of compact tools
  4. hydrostatic strain, fatigue and blasting assessments
  5. Pressure test method

 CZPT knowledge

Kind Ratio displacement
Max. Output Force Delivery
LYQ150-351.six 351.six six. 351.6 5 0571 .7 Approximate
LYQ150-225 225. nine.4 225. 32625 1.
LYQ150-156.three 156.3 thirteen.six 156.three 22656 one.5
LYQ150-114.8 114.eight 18.5 114.8 16645 two.
LYQ150-one hundred one hundred. 21.two 100. 14500 2.3
LYQ150-87.9 87.nine 24.1 87.nine 12744 two.7
LYQ150-69.4 69.4 30.5 69.four 10069 three.4
LYQ150-56.3 56.three 37.7 56.3 8156 four.1
LYQ150-forty six.five 46.five 45.6 forty six.5 6741 five.
LYQ150-36 36. fifty eight.9 36. 5220 six.5
LYQ150-28.seven 28.7 seventy three.9 28.7 4161 8.one
LYQ150-twenty five 25. 84.8 twenty five. 3625 9.3
LYQ150-22 22. ninety six.five 22. 3186 10.six
LYQ150-eighteen.4 18.four 115.5 18.four 2663 12.seven
LYQ150-17.four seventeen.4 122.1 17.four 2517 13.four
LYQ150-fourteen.1 fourteen.one a hundred and fifty.eight 14.1 2039 sixteen.six
LYQ150-twelve.eight twelve.eight 166.three 12.eight 1849 18.3
LYQ150-eleven.one 11.1 one hundred ninety.nine 11.one 1611 21.
LYQ150-nine.8 9.8 217.one 9.8 1416 23.9
LYQ150-9 nine. 235.six 9. 1305 twenty five.9

How to Choose the proper pump
 1.Info for pump design and style
    The subsequent parameters are needed for creating and picking pumps:

  1. Essential running force
  2. Wanted pump ability at operating pressure
  3. Available air travel force
  4. Medium
  5. The temperature of the medium
  6. Ambient Temperature

    Relying on the application, you may possibly demand further information. For more comprehensive specification and efficiency information, remember to get in touch with us right by electronic mail or phone.- we are content to assist in the creating procedure.
two.Necessary operating stress and pump capability
Specs of pump functioning pressures are in essence based on an air drive stress of PL = 10 bar (one hundred forty five psi). The operating stress (PB) can be determined by multiplying the strain ratio of the pump(i) by the obtainable air drive pressure (PL) PB= I × PL.

    3. Specs of pump capacity at the respective outlet pressure can be located in the pump capacity tables subsequent  Medium
The pump product should be picked to match the medium to be pumped, as it is the qualities of this medium that decide the demands for the sealing components and the wetted elements.
LOYO  pumps are appropriate for a large assortment of media. Normal patterns are obtainable for oil and h2o and for many special media.
    four.Dimensions and bodyweight
    Some apps require particular pump dimensions and weights. Please refer to the tables and options lists for our pump series for a lot more information about this as well as on the availability of the
Apps incorporate:
• Force testing
• Perform holding/electrical power clamping
• Jacking/lifting
• Valve actuator management
• CZPT cylinder actuation
• Press protection overload gadgets
• Roller tensioning
• Metering
• Precision lubrication and spraying
• Liquefied fuel transfer

Soon after services
To fulfill the customs, HangZhou loyo hydraulics equipment co., Ltd provides the users with prior to-sale, in revenue and submit-sale complete respect services.

Product of support
• CZPT education CZPT analysis
• Installation and debugging Troubleshoot
• Routine maintenance Update and enhancement
• Commitment to the support

  1. Right after signing the deal, deliver an engineer for remote assisting installation and debugging.
  2. One particular-year warranty. Give specialized support cost-free all-daily life of the goods.
  3. Hold all-daily life speak to with consumers, get comments on the use of the tools and make the good quality of the merchandise continuously perfected.
  4. Sizzling-line of support is available in 24h, responded in 8h.

Loyo Model: GB02 Maximum 16 Bar Air Driven Gas Booster Pump for Vacuum Refilling